Brock Fitzgerald, Jeweller.

Introducing Brock Fitzgerald, a close Charlton friend and collaborator who recently worked on crafting our latest accessories collaboration in Byron Bay. 
Where did your passion come from?
Passion for me came initially from music, listening to it, feeling it, learning it, playing it, understanding it, seeing the affect it has on someone... especially if it is from something you created. You can’t really do any wrong if you are passionate about your work and put love into it. I use that approach with my jewellery, something I make that is so simple, yet can have such an effect and reaction on someone else.
It took me a little while to understand, but when you start to receive messages, see the custom engraving that a person might have requested inside a bangle that may bring them to tears, you realise that’s what passion can stir. If you lose it, give it a break, or put that energy somewhere else.
Who influences you?
50% would be the amazing friends that I have come to meet over my time here on the gravel, as well the new people I get to meet everyday. I appreciate the diversity of backgrounds in the people I surround myself with; Musicians, Artists, Photographers, Surfers, Business owners. It's amazing how one simple view can change your perspective on a subject. The other half would be nature itself, the ocean is my biggest draw.. we would be stuffed without it. The lines and shapes of waves, even sitting out the back on the board trying not to think, that’s when the big ideas hit.
What did you grow up on?
A pair of drum sticks and the Stooges
What does Authenticity mean to you?
It means drawing inspiration from something or someone and not ripping them off!
I make everything by hand, I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t...too much talk out there.
What sort of tools are you using to make these pieces?
I never was formally taught how to make jewellery (I was definitely shown how do a few things down the line by legends) so in saying that, my tools are not really traditional tools. I still use the three set of 100 year old ball pin hammers that once  belonged to my grandad (who’s name was Turps), An Anvil that is made from a tractor weight with a hammer end and a panel beating tool my dad wielded to it,
and the money makers are two sets of vintage Japanese steal letter stamps. One set from my father Jim, and another my fathers friend Keith, both Gun Smiths that used to use them on gun barrels to number parts.
What types of materials are you often working with?
I try source as much recycled material as I can, the silver that I use is 100% recycled.. it is through a great Australian supplier in Sydney.
I start with the melting the silver in a wire, from there I hand shape the design. I proceed to hammer the wire flat or where I feel it has reached a width I like, that’s where the letter stamps come in. I individually hand stamp each letter on the metal, a quick clean then finally hammer it into a circle with the panel beater end of the anvil. At this stage it is still super raw, after about 20 minutes on the polisher it is exactly where I want it.
Something you live by?
These days.. get in the ocean, don’t over think things & just simply be kind.
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