Joel Bennetts, Chef.

Joel Bennetts, Chef.

Joel Bennett's, former head chef of Peppe's, the 40-square-metre vegan, Italian restaurant that serves a simple pasta menu and natural wines by the glass, tells us a bit about his daily rituals and where to next.

 What makes you feel free?

Cooking in a home environment & diving in the ocean.

What gives you the energy to get you started?

A morning swim.

How do you like to express yourself when your in the kitchen?

By playing music while cooking, combining a sense of fun, joy & professionalism


You are about to head overseas... where are you heading and what will you be doing?

Im heading to Sri Lanka, then to Europe from there. the trip for me will be used mostly to deepen my knowledge of food, wine, technique & style. i will be staging in different restaurants around Europe & hope to gain as much local food knowledge as possible.

What work has brought you the most fulfilment and why?

I would say my 4 month's in japan last year working at restaurant A.I.R in Myoko Kogen. It was a 10 room boutique hotel on the Japanese alps. i curated an 8 Course vegan degustation using local Japanese produce. 3 days a week i go to the local markets and hand select every ingredient we used. we baked fresh sourdough bread each morning for the guests which filled the hotel with the smell of a fresh bake. it was the best job I've ever had.

Something you live by?

I live by taking breaks between jobs to refresh and reset the mind, i am quite simply obsessed with cooking but its also crucial to step back for a moments rest. Aside from that visit the sea as often as possible & travel often its


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