Garment Care

We recommend you care for your Charlton knitwear in the same way you would a treasured heirloom. A gentle hand wash or spot clean is always recommended for ultimate care, never machine wash as this will lead to potential shrinkage and overall garment damage. We recommend using natural hand wash soap or merino wool detergent as its gentle properties care for your knitwear as you clean.
If Garments require a deeper clean, we recommend dry cleaning.
 Because we use high contents of natural, organic and renewable fibres our garments are highly breathable. Meaning they don't trap sweat and odour against your skin in the way synthetics do, so you will find they don't retain odour as nylon and polyester synthetic fibres do. A quick spot clean to the underarm is all you need. Our tops we may only wash every few weeks and sweaters on occasion if they're dirty. Choosing natural fibres over synthetics helps protects our waterways and overall environment.